Monthly archives: February, 2014

Handy Masturbation Alternatives For Women


Using hands too often can get both boring and tiring for women when it comes to masturbation. Without a good quality and safe vibrator or dildo, rubbing yourself no end can prove to be a quite uninteresting activity, regardless of how horny you may be. In this short article, I will acquaint you with some innovative masturbation alternatives, to get you through without getting tired or bored.…

Those Smelly Feet Are Calling!


You have a wife, girlfriend or someone in your life and you so desperately want to smell her feet. It’s a long-kept burning desire which she has no clue of. You live through each passing day secretly wishing that today could be that day, the day when you get close to her toes, putting her smelly feet next to your nose and inhaling all that aromatic scent of sweat from her feet.…

Sexual Lust is the Realm of Longing


The term lust has earned a bad reputation for itself. While anyone with lust for life is perceived to be overly optimistic, sexual lust isn’t considered a positive attribute. As per its dictionary definition, sexual lust is defined as a type of craving which is obsessive, unrestrained or excessive in nature.