cv-1659550007I love jewellery and wanted to treat myself to something special. While I was looking online I came across the Touche Majesty Silver, and even though it was at an online sex shop, I still clicked through to see what it was. It was exactly my style, and so much more.

Not only was this necklace the perfect length, but I loved the bullet shaped pendant. When I went on to read the description I was intrigued; turned out the bullet was exactly that: a bullet shaped vibrator. I knew I had to have it.

I wear it around my neck all the time, and people are always commenting on it without having any idea that it is my favourite sex toy. Talk about discreet; I wear my vibrator around my neck and no one ever has any idea.

There’s a small band around it in black, and there are other bands that I can purchase to replace and decorate it with. They apparently mean different things for different acts you are looking for or willing to perform, like black for sex, blue for blowjobs, clear for anything and everything. But I got some and like to use them to match my outfit.

For me this is the perfect necklace. It’s stylish and goes with almost any outfit, especially in my wardrobe, and while its appearance is discreet, it is extremely powerful and fun to play with.