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Top 3 Date Safety Tips You Must Never Forget

main_image-1384405561Whenever you’re dating online, ensuring date safety should be your number one priority. In this short article, I will share with you 3 tips you must follow before going on your first offline date.

Safe Dating Video

Important Tips to Give Fellatio like a Professional

md_ebe30f1412078360691356There are women who are just about good at oral sex, and then there are those who have the ability to make their men go wild by just using their tongues. I’m the latter type!

I was watching this video and it blew my mind – ironically, it’s about how to blow his (your partners) mind.

Prepping Myself For Anal Sex With The 10 Function Risque

cv-1670000000I’ve always been one to prep and study up for anything coming my way. I’ll read what I can, ask people a million questions, spend time online, all to learn how to perform a task properly, or learn something new. So when my boyfriend inquired about the possibility of anal sex, and by inquired I really mean begged like a child, I felt that the only way I could do it was with some proper prep work.…

Keep Him from Getting into Your Pants and He’ll Keep Coming Back!

lg_c373fe07122890576132439I was reading an insightful article about how to keep men interested (well illustrated too!) – Keep a man interested. Men who have the hots for you will be prepared to go any extent to please you. We often overlook the fact that men love pleasing women. Rather, we turn the tables and desperately try getting them.…

Talk Dirty to Make Your Guy Go Weak in the Knees!

01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510Every man dreams of his woman talking dirty to him in bed! Well, it’s hard for us girls to start talking dirty, just out of the blue. Nevertheless, I’ve worked out some excellent methods to help you learn talk dirty while having sex with your man.

A Sexy JailBird

cv-1809560009When Halloween comes around this year I’m totally prepared to go out and have a good time. I know it’s early, but when I saw this Jailbird costume from Seven Til Midnight online, I just had to have it. It’s perfect for the bar, which is where we usually end up as we’re past the age of trick or treating and living in a flat means no handing out candy.…

Use Aphrodisiacs to Make Your Man Horny!

LLSWomanFeedManChocolate1So, your relationship as well as your bedroom life has taken a major hit. You so desperately want to make things right but somehow just can’t find the right way. Don’t worry, I’m here to rescue you!

Naughty Nurse

cv-1808690004My guy loves having me dress up, and lately we’d been talking about trying some role-playing in the bedroom. We decided that for the first time we’d go for a naughty nurse and patient scenario.…

Dirty Weekend Of Adult Games

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneOver this weekend spark up some quality time with your other half. To make sure you use your time wisely, I have devised some adults-only party games that guarantee you’ll have a whole lotta fun!…

Handy Masturbation Alternatives For Women


Using hands too often can get both boring and tiring for women when it comes to masturbation. Without a good quality and safe vibrator or dildo, rubbing yourself no end can prove to be a quite uninteresting activity, regardless of how horny you may be. In this short article, I will acquaint you with some innovative masturbation alternatives, to get you through without getting tired or bored.…