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Important Tips to Give Fellatio like a Professional

md_ebe30f1412078360691356There are women who are just about good at oral sex, and then there are those who have the ability to make their men go wild by just using their tongues. I’m the latter type!

I was watching this video and it blew my mind – ironically, it’s about how to blow his (your partners) mind.

Keep Him from Getting into Your Pants and He’ll Keep Coming Back!

lg_c373fe07122890576132439I was reading an insightful article about how to keep men interested (well illustrated too!) – Keep a man interested. Men who have the hots for you will be prepared to go any extent to please you. We often overlook the fact that men love pleasing women. Rather, we turn the tables and desperately try getting them.…

Talk Dirty to Make Your Guy Go Weak in the Knees!

01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510Every man dreams of his woman talking dirty to him in bed! Well, it’s hard for us girls to start talking dirty, just out of the blue. Nevertheless, I’ve worked out some excellent methods to help you learn talk dirty while having sex with your man.

Blinging It With The Touche Majesty Silver

cv-1659550007I love jewellery and wanted to treat myself to something special. While I was looking online I came across the Touche Majesty Silver, and even though it was at an online sex shop, I still clicked through to see what it was. It was exactly my style, and so much more.…

Executive Realness Lingerie With Pinstripe Bustier

cv-1824460001I love lingerie, in fact, I have a drawer full of it, okay, I have several drawers full of it. But upon inspection what I really have are two or three styles repeated over and over again. It was definitely time for something different to spice it up a bit.…

How to perform Kegel Exercises Effectively?

ss100-84-modelshot1You may have definitely heard about Kegel exercises and how they are beneficial. Perhaps, you also tried practising them at home without any great success. Kegel exercises must be performed correctly in order for them to deliver the best possible results.

Important Vaginismus Facts You Should Be Aware of

50_shades_grey_lingerieVaginismus is a popular female sexual disorder in which the woman finds it very difficult to enjoy penile penetration into her vagina.