NeutrinoBI is a Visual Data Discovery tool powered by freeform search. It’s more intuitive than any self-service Business Intelligence (BI) tool you’ve used before, providing decision-making insight for everyone. With minimal training, explore all the information available to you - on your desktop, mobile device, or via the cloud. Get to the answers you need in seconds with NeutrinoBI’s in-memory analytics and algorithms that harness multiple data sources and scale across terabytes of data.

sm-image-search-03Ask any question

Use our familiar search bar to get instant graphical results

NeutrinoBI is smart so it understands your questions. Simply type in your question, either with or without the help of the auto-complete function. Your graphical answers will be rendered in seconds, and you can change, refine, or add to your queries without starting again.

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Create cool, clear visuals

Drag, drop, switch, and swipe to publish insights

Users can create and publish a wide range of dashboards with customised graphical formats, colours and layouts. Results can be refreshed to a user-defined schedule. These super cool visuals make it easier to spot and drill down to investigate trends, spikes and anomalies, in time to make a difference.

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sm-image-datasources-02Harness multiple data sources

Link up silos without re-engineering

Get a unified view of all your structured and semi-structured data in enterprise warehouses, databases, and from a range of applications. Simply add in new sources as they become available. Generate instant search results without the performance hit or complications of large data extract.

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Link your Excel islands

Bring in the data and sync your macros

Exploit Excel-based assets and use Excel as a calculation engine so that complex macros and calculations become part of the wider BI context. Changes to the underlying spreadsheet are pipelined automatically.


Implement in days

Fastest data discovery deployment around

With a completely new approach to data discovery, there’s no need for application interface development. Once the data mapping is complete, with minimal training users are ready to search, explore and discover for themselves.

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Single interface experience

From desktop to mobile

Smooth and clean on any screen, NeutrinoBI is available to use on your desktop, via a wide range of mobile devices and as a cloud-based solution. Developed using the open-source Unity™ games engine, NeutrinoBI provides a unified interface and the user experience is consistently smart – no matter how the solution is delivered.

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