cv-1808690004My guy loves having me dress up, and lately we’d been talking about trying some role-playing in the bedroom. We decided that for the first time we’d go for a naughty nurse and patient scenario.

We went online to find something fun. I was worried that it might be difficult for me to find something that would fit and still be sexy because of my bigger size, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a ton of items all in the perfect size.

There were several outfits to choose from, but after some deliberation, we narrowed it down to the Nurse Nicky costume from Seven Til Midnight.

It comes with a white nurse’s style dress, and it’s a stretchy microfiber material that I had no problem wearing. It buttons up the front all the way down so I left a few at the bottom undone, and some more at the top. Once it was on then I got to customize the fit a bit which I loved, by pulling on the red ribbons that go all the way down each side.

Super sexy, and such a good idea. There are all sorts of fun little details on this outfit too, like a medical style patch and red garter straps that have matching crosses too. I put on some white thigh high stockings I had, and some red heels to keep with the red and white theme, and loved how sexy it made me look and feel. Especially when I added on the included stethoscope and little nurse’s cap.

Do you want to play Naughty Nurse Nicky?