cv-1670000000I’ve always been one to prep and study up for anything coming my way. I’ll read what I can, ask people a million questions, spend time online, all to learn how to perform a task properly, or learn something new. So when my boyfriend inquired about the possibility of anal sex, and by inquired I really mean begged like a child, I felt that the only way I could do it was with some proper prep work.

I decided to start with a small toy, and see how that was before I progressed. I went online so I could have the time and privacy I needed to pick something suitable, though I was drawn right away to the 10 Function Risque – Blue. It was my favourite colour, small, and even vibrated which promised to be fun.

Though I was nervous to try it out, I followed the instructions and applied some lube, then started out slowly. It felt amazing on its own, but when I pressed the button it was incredible. Needless to say that once I started the Risque soon became an integral part of my masturbation time, and now we’ve added it to our sex and it’s never been better. In fact, it’s so good, I’m thinking I might even let my boyfriend do what he’s been begging for.

I’m glad I took the time to do a little prep work of my own and get myself ready. Anal sex wasn’t something that I would have considered before, but now that I’ve been playing with my own little anal toy I’m ready for anything.