01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510Every man dreams of his woman talking dirty to him in bed! Well, it’s hard for us girls to start talking dirty, just out of the blue. Nevertheless, I’ve worked out some excellent methods to help you learn talk dirty while having sex with your man.

These tips are:

Start the easy way, by sending dirty text messages or emails. They are far less embarrassing in comparison to uttering those words face-to-face. You need to first get used to this concept of dirty talk. Why not text him and let him know how great he was in bed last night?! Tell him that you’ve been thinking of him all day and are really horny and hot for him right now. Let your imagination go wild!

Next, prior to actually saying anything, practice in front of mirror if you want. Move away from the mirror if it makes you feel shy. Now, say out loud everything you’d like to say to him in bed. Don’t worry, it’s only you who can hear yourself and how you sound. Try making slight improvements here and there. I know it may feel awkward talking to yourself like that. Perhaps you can pick up some erotic book and start reading out from it. You may even learn many new things.

Lastly, talking dirty to guys is not something very difficult. You only need to be receptive to practising new things in bed. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable doing what you’re doing, and have some fun while you’re at it!