main_image-1384405561Whenever you’re dating online, ensuring date safety should be your number one priority. In this short article, I will share with you 3 tips you must follow before going on your first offline date.

Safe Dating Video

Identity verification – This is the first and most important rule when it comes to safe online dating. How sure are you that the person who seems to be Mr. Wonderful is not actually some bored old-age man, simply having fun at your expense. It could be that he who seems like a kindhearted man may actually be a cold-blooded criminal. You can never be sure about someone’s true identity without carrying out a comprehensive background check. It’s important for you to know that the person at the other end has been honest about his identity.

Communication – Regular communication is of great importance in any relationship. It is actually the backbone of a relationship. Ensure that you talk to him over the phone at least a few times before setting up a meeting in person. Never skip this step. Making a simple phone call to him and talking to him will reveal a lot about his social and communication skills.

Exercise control – Let’s understand what I mean by control here. You should have complete control over when and where to meet for the first time. Complete control over when to leave and how to leave from the meeting venue. Moreover, you should’ve complete control over your emotions too.

Ensuring your date safety is actually your own responsibility. Always act with common sense, patience and alertness.